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Bombus - Tom Sanderson


Asranda (excerpt)

Old Hat With Feathers (excerpt)

The Oak (excerpt)

All album tracks can be previewed on the Bombus iTunes page.

The new Asranda video is now available on You Tube.
All the profits from the guitar instrumental track "Bombus" go to the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust. The song was inspired whilst watching a Bumble Bee fly from flower to flower, Hence the name Bombus, Latin for Bumble Bee.
Click here to download the Bombus single on iTunes
, and here to visit the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust website.

in 'Acoustic' Magazine by Gareth L Powell: "Recorded in a cottage in the woods , there is a very British feel to this collection, although the influences are international. The music is accomplished and atmospheric, the sound crystal clear. The music will definitely appeal to anyone who likes Led Zeppelin’s ‘Bron-Y-Aur’. As I write this review, I’m looking out on snow falling on fir trees, and the warm ebb and flow of Sanderson’s guitar makes the perfect accompaniment. Standout pieces include the title track, which bubbles along like a stream, and the restless, prowling and intriguingly titled ‘Sea Dog’."

to be released soon, details will be added when available.
Tom Who?

Who Is Tom Sanderson?

I am a product of a 70's childhood. Watching programs such as Bagpuss and Camberwick Green through to Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. I was always fascinated by the music that accompanied the shows.
As I grew up I was drawn to the guitar and listened to all the usual rock'n'roll hero's that came with it. This, coupled with watching spaghetti western movies and films such as The Wicker Man, I found myself spellbound by their soundtracks while being more absorbed by the melodic instrumental songs of the guitar maestros in my vinyl collection.
All this has influenced me in my pursuit of writing music without the directional pull of lyrics but, I hope, a colourful, thought inducing, melody to lead the listener somewhere within their own imagination.
Bombus was recorded in the springtime of 2010 in a cottage, in a wood, by a lake.

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